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┬╗This is What the Ghost of Someones Dad Says

Okay so this is the best album I’ve ever written… and I’m still writing it. It’s based on an album I started to write in 2007, but due to the fact that I had no money and real equipment to use to make the album… I gave up. So I started to record it again. It’s supposed to be a musical journey, a concept album about a fictional character in an fictional environment with aspirations of getting from A to B and struggling with itself and the world around it. The albums supposed to represent Isolation as it goes on as the musical environment around you as the listener becomes harsher as the journey proceeds…. The albums overly ambitious. My inspirations were Kid A, Lucid Dreams 0096 and The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast. I’ve done the first two tracks and the third is uploading now. click on the image to go to the bandcamp.

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